Skitic Anti Radiation Glasses Anti-Reflective Anti-Glare Blue Light Filter Block UV Protection Computer Glasses, Anti Eye Fatigue Eyewear Transparent Clear Lens Blocking Headaches Eye Strain, Reading Eyeglasses – Leopard Print

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The blue light can penetrate cornea and crystalline lens thus directly shoot the macular area, which can cause sore-eye, unsmooth-eye, eyestrain and even losing sleep. However, skitic blue light filter glasses can cut the blue UV rays, removing eyestrain, headache and even giving you a good sleep.
glasses can not only protect your eyes, but also keep your fashion look.
If you are unfamiliar with blue light it’s right next to UV light on the spectrum of light. It is comprised of very high energy and a low wavelength very similarly to UV light. All of our electronic devices with a back-lit screen give off large quantities of blue light (Iphones, Ipod, Laptop, Computer TV.)
This blue light messes with our internal clock making us think it’s mid day when really it can be closer to night and stops our body from naturally producing the melanin that helps us fall asleep late at night.

Package included:
1 * Skitic Anti-glare, Anti-eyestrain Glasses.
Skitic glasses can block 90% harmful blue light. Great for computer/cell phone users/pc game players.
Help protect your eyes from UV Blue rays, sunlight damage or anti-glare.No degree, suitable for teenagers, students, drivers, gamers, middle-aged and elderly.
You can still enjoy your device from the comfort of your bed and get a restful deeper sleep.
You can return the defective products for repairing or exchanging for free at any time (if not man-made damage).
Obliterate Blue Light with this computer glasses that will keep your eyes safe from all harmful blue light, designed for anyone using an electronic device such as computers, T.V.’s or phones.

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