Gobe NDX 46mm Variable ND Lens Filter

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Function | The Gobe 46mm 2Peak NDX is the perfect filter for capturing the motion of water by reducing light intake and allowing a slower shutter speed. Ideal for shooting waterfalls, rivers, the ocean washing over rocks and surfers flying across the waves. It also facilitates a wider aperture allowing a shallow depth of field all without affecting the colour balance of the image.

Instructions | The Gobe Variable ND filter should only be rotated between the Min & Max markings on the rim. The Min denotes ND 2 (1 fstop) and the Max denotes ND 400 (9 fstops). Rotating past these parameters you will start to see vignetting and at the extreme you will see a dark X appear. For a wide-angle lens you should not operate the filter past 5 or 6 fstops (or until you begin to see vignetting). Lens caps and sun hoods will not fit over the Variable ND.

Versatility | Having the versatility of ND2-400 means you can always have the perfect light reduction ND level, all in the one filter. It means you are not constantly changing ND filters in varying light such as sunrise or sunset.

Plant 5 trees | With each Gobe product you purchase 5 trees are planted in an area affected by severe deforestation; revitalizing ecosystems and empowering local communities.

Gobe also donates 1% of all sales to 1% for the planet. Visit the Gobe website and join the environmental revolution.

Gobe + Dphoto | Includes 6 month free 2000GB cloud storage with dphoto.com, remotely protecting your images and videos on a beautiful online platform. Retail value $60USD.

Warranty | All Gobe lens filters are covered by a lifetime replacement warranty. Gobe warranties are covered internationally.

Rotating ring between ND2-400 giving great versatility in changing light. Reduces the amount of light without effecting colour balance
Ultra slim rim profile to avoid vignetting on wide angle lenses. Extra tough Magnalium frame ensuring durability and jamming prevention
Eliminates overly bright & washed-out images. Enables slow shutter speeds to record movement in subjects such as waterfalls providing a silky smooth effect to flowing water
Decreases depth of field by allowing a wider aperture, helping to separate subjects from their background. The variable ND filter is not recommended for use with a wide-angle lens. Lens caps and hoods are also not compatible.
5 trees planted for every Gobe product purchased. Join the revolution!

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