DHSG Adaptor Cable 14201-10 Length: 1,5 m for Jabra Pro 94XX/Go 6470 Pro 920 GN93XX GN 9120 DHSG for EHS for Telephone Siemens Elmeg Agfeo Auerswald Yealink Tiptel Funkwerk Aastra Alcatel innovaphone Swyx T-Com ( See compatibility list )

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DHSG adapter cable length: 1.5 metre.

Compatible with Jabra PRO 94XX / GO 6470 / PRO 920 / GN93XX / GN 9120 and DHSG.

DHSG for the electronic call acceptance from a distance.

Among others for Siemens OptiPoint / Siemens OpenStage / Telekom Octophone / Elmeg / Agfeo.

These cables of the brand Dadusto are compatible with the product GN Netcom 14201-10.

What does the abbreviation DHSG stand for?
The abbreviation DHSG stands for wireless hearing and speaking equipment.

What is DHSG?
DHSG is a manufacturer-independent standard for connecting cordless headsets to telephone devices.

What other values does DHSG offer?
Thanks to the DHSG interface, you can receive upcoming telephone calls directly from your cordless headset at the push of a button. They also have additional functions, such as an extended macro function. Thanks to the extended voice function, you can easily switch between your headset and the telephone by pressing a button on your wireless headset during the telephone call. You can also switch between the cordless headset and the hands free function by pressing a button on your wireless headset.

What are the advantages of using a DHSG interface in connection with cordless headsets?
With the use of the DHSG interface you get an upgrade of your telephone comfort.

DHSG adapter cable length: 1.5 metre.
Compatible with Jabra PRO 94XX / GO 6470 / PRO 920 / GN93XX / GN 9120 and DHSG.
DABG connection cable between the Jabra PRO 9400 series headset, Jabra GO 6470, Jabra GN9330e, Jabra GN9120e, Jabra GN9125 and the phones Aastra 6771, Aastra 6773 / ip, Aastra 6775 / ip, Aastra 7434ip, Aastra.
For connecting to the phones: Siemens open stage 30, open stage 40, Siemens open stage 60, Siemens open stage 80, Siemens plus Optipoint 600, Siemens Optipoint 500 standard/economy/basic/advance, Siemens Optipoint 410 standard/advance, Siemens Optipoint 420 standard/advance.
For connecting to the phones: Agfeo ST31, Agfeo ST40, Agfeo ST42, Agfeo ST30 (the ST30 but only in connection with HS30 module).

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