Windwood Farm: A Ghost Story (Taryn’s Camera Book 1)

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Windwood Farm has a terrible secret-one that’s been buried for nearly 100 years. Taryn Magill aims to uncover it…or die trying.

“the author writes a great mystery!”- verified reviewer

 The old farm house looked as though everyone just got up one day and walked away, leaving their belongings behind. Locals call it the “devil’s house” but artist Taryn has never met an old, abandoned house she didn’t like. In fact, she’s made a career  of painting them, to show them in their former glory. She might have bitten off more than she can chew with her new job, however. Everyone is afraid of the house and can’t wait to see it torn down and, as it turns out, their fears may not be unfounded. 

Whose cries echo throughout the rooms and what do they want? What force is SO powerful that it won’t even allow the upstairs bedroom to be touched? What, if anything, does the 93-year-old vanishing of the boy next door have to do with the house’s mysteries? Taryn might have the answers soon, for now she doesn’t have to imagine the past–she can see it through her camera!

Can Taryn escape with her sanity AND solve the mystery of Windwood Farm before the house is demolished? And will she even live through this job? Because now someone is trying to kill her! Using her camera and her wits, she’ll try to find the answers and get out before it’s too late!

Book 1 in the Taryn’s Camera series. A traditional ghost story and mystery in the style of Shirley Jackson, Susan Hill, Heather Graham, and early Stephen King, Taryn’s Camera  is a paranormal mystery series about a woman who can see the past through her camera.  A little gothic horror, a little supernatural suspense, a little historical mystery-and a whole lot of fun!

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