Hama UV and Protective Filter, 4 Coats, for 58 mm Camera Lenses

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– Colour-neutral
– Protects the lens against scratchesdust and finger-marks
– Normal coating: one layer on each side
– Quality standard (glass): ProClass

– Impact of the picture:
– Clearsharp photos in colour and black/white
– Blocks UV rays up to 390 nm
– Filters haze and avoids unsharpness58 mm UV filter for protecting your front camera lens from bumpes, scratches, dirt and water damage
Absorbs ultraviolet rays protecting the front lens due to a double anti reflective coating on both the front and the back of the filter
Filter thread: 58 mm, no vignetting and distortions when taking wide-angle shots due to thin (3.4 mm) ring frame. Easy attachment of additional filters, lens hood or lens cap thanks to double screw thread
High-quality lens glass: Glass lens multi-coated on each side (two coats on each side) with black metal ring frame, scratch-resistant and translucent
Quality standard (glass): high-quality lens which produces clear, sharp photos, reduces haze and prevents fuzziness

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