3.5 mm to 3 RCA AV Camcorder Video Cable for Ipod/MP3/pc ,3.5mm to 3 RCA Male Plug to RCA Stereo Audio Video Male AUX Cable 5FT Cord 90 Degree Right Angle,5-Feet,QiCheng&Start

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The ultimate Mini AV to 3 RCA Cable for Composite Video and Stereo Audio Signal! .
The AV Cable connects camcorders to TVs/monitors for playback, and to video recorders for copying footage to storage media. It carries composite video and stereo audio signals.
It includes a 90 right-angle mini plug Easily connects your camcorder to a TV, One end features a right-angle TRRS 3.5mm connector, which plugs into the camcorder, and the other end has three RCA connectors, one for composite video and the other two for stereo audio.
Product Details:
· Works with camcorders made by Sony, Panasonic, JVC, and others.
· 3.5mm mini phone plug at one end and 3 RCA plugs at the other end.!
· Cable Cord Length 5 foot.
· Carries composite video and stereo audio signals!
· Connects camcorders to TVs/monitors for A/V playback.
· Connects camcorders to video recorders for copying footage.Designed to connect 3.5mm male plug to 3RCA Audio Video female
High quality corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors provide superior stereo audio transmission without signal loss and noise
3.5mm aux to 3 RCA stereo audio cable allows you to connect portable audio devices with home audio system, such as a Smartphone (iPhone), MP3 player (iPod) or tablet to a TV, AV receiver, amplifier, projector or other RCA-enabled device
Bi-directional function allows you to connect a DVD player, TV, Wii box, video camera, VCR, or other equipment with legacy RCA connectors to speakers or AV receivers with a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack for audio only
3.5 bend design, the use of more human

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